Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm just saying.....

Texas Rangers v San Francisco Giants
  • I guess its good to be affectionately known as the "Panda", but I would think a conditioning program for Pablo Sandoval might be preferred over maintaining the shape of a cuddly mascot.
  • There are 9 new head coaches in the NFL with no previous head coaching experience. I can't say that others won't do well (although Josh McDaniels and Raheem Morris aren't looking like future icons at this point), but my money is on Steve Spagnuolo and Rex Ryan to have success in the lead role.
  • It would be criminal if Jimmy Rollins does not win another Gold Glove award this year.
  • It might not be criminal, but at least unjust, if Shane Victorino does not capture his 2nd consecutive gold glove.
  • And, Jayson Werth has a shot the way he stylistically runs down balls and guns runners out on the base paths (plus, his attention getting offensive output doesn't hurt.) He would have my vote if anyone asked.
  • Speaking of Werth, what's up with the scoreboard graphic showing Jayson spitting out a frog?
  • Could Andy Roddick parlay his experience from this year's Wimbeldon final into his second US Open championship?
  • When the checker asks you at the supermarket whether you want paper or plastic, aren't you just picking your poison? And, which one is more politically correct, anyway?
  • Now that Jonathan Papelbon's wallet is $5,000 lighter for taking too long to deliver his first pitch in a couple games, perhaps he should bag the "Riverdance" steps on the way in from the bullpen?
  • I didn't spot them in the stands on Wednesday night at Citizen's Bank Park, but Grandpa, Lilly and Eddie must have been pleased.

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