Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Potential Scenes from the Life of Brett Favre

Brett Favre Signs with th Minnesota Vikings

Out to Dinner

Waiter: "Are you ready to order, sir?"

Favre: "Yes, I am going to have my favorite, the Blackened Catfish with creole sauce and the dirty rice. "

Waiter: "OK, would you like to start with soup or a salad?"

Favre: "I think so. I'm in the mood for soup. What is your soup today?"

Waiter: "We have seafood gumbo today, but always have French Onion, too."

Favre: "French Onion, yes, I'll have that, but could you substitute extra cheese in place of the crouton?"

Waiter: "Ok, you've got it. Blackened Catfish with creole sauce, dirty rice and French Onion Soup to start."

Favre: "Blackened Catfish, hmm, I don't know if I am in the mood for that tonight after all. Could you switch that to the stuffed quail with champagne sauce?"

Waiter: "Yes, of course."

Favre: "One other thing- instead of the soup, bring me a house salad with blue cheese dressing...make that french dressing with extra croutons. And could you tell those people at the bar that Brett Favre is over here?"

In the Huddle

Favre: "OK, we are definitely going to put the ball into the end zone and win this game. We only have one minute, so we are going to air it out."

Hutchinson: "Yeh, lets get it done!"

Favre: "Childress is calling for a deep out to Bernard. Lets switch that up and go off tackle to Chester."

Hutchinson: "Brett, their top three corners are hurt, so they have an undrafted rookie and safety playing corner. We need to go 70 yards to score."

Favre: "Good point, but I'm not totally bought in. Lets sweep Chester right. That might be a better option since they will be expecting us to pass. We are better off not passing when they are looking for it."

Hutchinson: "We only have one minute. Didn't you say that you wanted to air it out?"

Favre: "I think you are taking that out of context. I wish my daughter were here to see what she would call?"


Referee: " Minnesota, five yards for delay of game. 1st down and 15 yards to go."

Call from John Madden

Brett Favre: "Yo, this is Brett."

John Madden: "BrettFavre, boom, this is John Madden!"

Brett Favre: "Hey, John. What's up?"

John Madden: "I just wanted to tell you not to let the media get on you. It was a football decision made by a football heck of a football player, I might play on a football team. You have the right to make a football decision as a football player."

Brett Favre:"So, do you think that I made the right decision to come back?"

John Madden:"I always say, what's good for BrettFavre, is good for the NFL. I'm looking forward to seeing BrettFavre on the football field to show everybody what BrettFavre can do in a football uniform as long as that is what BrettFavre wants to do. BrettFavre-You're the best! Gotta go...I have a turducken in the oven. Boom!"

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