Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm Just Saying......

A weekly collection of random thoughts and observations for you to consider.

  • The Astros stadium, Minute Maid Park, seems to have been designed by a bunch of wiffle ball and toy train enthusiasts. It has everything from a choo choo train carrying a load of oranges in left to a hill with a flag pole in the field of play to a balcony with a gas pump that hangs over the field of play. What, no parked car behind shortstop or a 60 yard scoreboard hovering above the field?
  • Carlos Ruiz is in the midst of an extended hot streak offensively, but it would seem that he could benefit from an offseason strength and conditioning program. He hits so many warning track flies or drives that don't quite have enough juice to find the gaps, so a few more feet could translate into a big offensive season.
  • Is the "Wildcat" so wild anymore? At what point does it become so common place that the defenses cover it easily and at what point does a quarterback go down with an injury?
  • Donovan McNabb should not even attempt to play this week and probably next.
  • Would the NFL see anything wrong with the blind side hit on McNabb taken by the IHOP waitress?
  • Andy Reid seems to be using twisted logic. On one hand, he abruptly places former pro bowler Shawn Andrews on IR (who has had physical and emotional issues) to eliminate a distraction, yet weeks earlier signed a player coming out of incarceration for some highly polarizing crimes. Although maybe a little eccentric, Andrews seems to be a good guy, while Dr. Phil labeled Michael Vick a sociopath the other day.
  • Did Kendra have anything to do with the Eagles picking Reggie Brown over Hank Baskett?
  • What was up with Tom Brady pulling a "reverse Namath" on sideline reporter Suzy Kolber after Monday night's game?
  • Rex Ryan has a little bit of Buddy in him which makes him fun, especially if the Jets can actually do what the Bills bungled away Monday night.
  • With the Jets getting fined as a result of Brett Favre's comments, his actions towards the Packers and Jets make me think of that line, "hell hath no fury like a ......."
  • Those orange striped jerseys worn by the referees working the Raiders/Chargers game Monday night is a case of nostalgia gone bad.
  • The NFL subscribes to the policy that it is all good until someone breaks a rib...oh, that's right....according to the NFL, that's good, too.

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