Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm just saying....NL Team Rankings

In this weekly feature, we take a look at the top ten records in the National League (Rear View Mirror) and rank them based on strength of team going forward (Over the Hood.) Influencing factors include injuries, current and projected level of play, personnel changes, trends, schedule, star alignment and the writer's then current mood. Please feel free to provide your commentary whether you agree, disagree or just have something you want to get off your chest.

Rear View Mirror
1. Dodgers (90-60 .600)
2. Phillies (87-61 .588)
3. Cardinals (88-63 .583)
4. Rockies (85-65 .567)
5. Giants (81-69 .545)
6. Marlins (80-70 .533)
7. Braves (80-70 .533)
8. Cubs (77-72 .517)
9. Brewers (74-76 .493)
10. Astros (70-80 .467)

Over the Hood
1. Dodgers- Besides Wolf, many concerns about starters; great bullpen
2. Cardinals- Success as Pujols, Holiday, Wainwright, Carpenter, Franklin go
3. Phillies- Best talent, but tempered by mounting injury concerns
4. Rockies- Streaky team with no dominant starters, but score lots of runs
5. Marlins- Scary team with young starters and streaky line-up
6. Braves- Very solid rotation, but not enough pop in line-up, weak schedule left
7. Giants- Starting to fade with Dow Jones September, not enough offense
8. Cubs- Unfulfilled potential has been the story all year
9. Brewers- Turned it up to reach .500?
10. Astros- Current 8 game losing streak dashed any optimism

1 comment:

  1. Dodgers seem to be heating up despite a small slump in the beginning of the month. Torre knows how to tweek mega stars and this could be the year. I would keep a close eye on the Cardinals as they are right where they want to be....in the background