Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Eagles 53-man Roster Watch

Jacksonville Jaguars v Philadelphia Eagles

As the Eagles prepare for their final preseason game tomorrow night, there are still many questions to be answered. The roster itself has yet to be determined, but barring any player transactions, it would not seem that there will be any major news. Surely, several players are competing for a select few remaining spots, but it does not seem likely that the Eagles will make any really bold moves other than what has already been speculated.

One significant issue revolves around the wide receiver position. There have been reports that the team has looked into moving Reggie Brown to possibly clear a roster spot for rookie Brandon Gibson. Another significant matter will be Roger Goodell's ruling on reinstatement of Michael Vick, which will likely determine the fate of back-up AJ Feeley. This would not constitute major new news simply because it has been discussed for quite some time and Feeley himself is prepared to be traded or even waived.

Certainly, the offensive line continues to be an area of substantial concern due to the abundance of injuries and lack of player preparation. As a result, it is conceivable that the Eagles will retain more offensive linemen than what might be normally warranted, and at the expense of more talented players at other positions. Along the same lines, it is conceivable that Andy Reid will keep four QB's on the roster to allow Vick to practice while not risking being short-handed until he is cleared to play.

On the sidebar below "Blog Archive" is my stab at the Eagles 53-man roster. I believe that the team will, in fact, keep four QB's until Vick is cleared to play, and to make room, will take a chance with carrying one less offensive lineman. Also, on the defensive side, because of his upside and the investment the team has made in him, they will keep Jack Ikegwono in lieu of a 7th linebacker. It is my estimation that Brandon Gibson has done enough to make the team. Of course, injuries can always alter the final picture, but this is what makes sense to me today.

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