Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm just saying....NL Team Rankings

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Los Angeles Dodgers

In this weekly feature, we take a look at the top ten records in the National League (Rear View Mirror) and rank them based on strength of team going forward (Over the Hood.) Influencing factors include injuries, current and projected level of play, personnel changes, trends, schedule, star alignment and the writer's then current mood. Please feel free to provide your commentary whether you agree, disagree or just have something you want to get off your chest.

Rear View Mirror

1. Dodgers (87-59 .596)

2. Cardinals (85-61 .582)

3. Phillies (83-60 .580)

4. Rockies (82-64 .562)

5. Giants (79-66 .545)

6. Marlins (77-68 .531)

7. Braves (76-68 .528)

8. Cubs (75-68 .507)

9. Astros (70-75 .483)

10. Brewers (69-75 .479)

Over the Hood

1. Dodgers- Back on track with improved starting staff and Ethier walk offs

2. Cardinals- First downturn since July, scary with big two starters

3. Phillies- Scratching out wins, bullpen big concerns offset Pedro-mania

4. Rockies- Big offense, but streaky team back on downswing

5. Giants- Hanging in the wild card race with help from Rockies

6. Marlins- Another streaky team back on the upswing, team dissension concerns

7. Braves- Catching fire again after a painful slump

8. Cubs- Late surge probably too little, too late

9. Astros- Back to mediocre baseball after thumping Phillies

10. Brewers- Continuing to reach new lows

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