Saturday, September 5, 2009

Favre's Most Recent Crack Back Block Draws Fine

Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Brett Favre Glances at the Scoreboard at Reliant Stadium in Houston

Yesterday the NFL announced that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is being assessed a $10,000 fine for his illegal crack back block in last Monday's pre-season game against the Houston Texans. Favre lined up as a receiver with the Vikings running a "wildcat" formation and took out defensive back Eugene Wilson with a blind-side block to his knees. The Vikings were given a 15-yard penalty in a meaningless exhibition game, which pales in comparison to the fact that Wilson was injured on the play.

Favre played the geriatric and "Mr Mom" cards saying that he will be 40 years old and 13 days ago was weed-eating, not thinking about throwing blocks. Of course, this is contrary to the notion that a seasoned veteran should surely know what constitutes an illegal, dangerous block. And, also this is contrary to the notion that it was not a problem for Favre to skip training camp because he knew his trade like the back of his hand.

Favre has been the consummate competitor, an obvious talent and a great deal of fun to watch through the years. This situation, as well as others, tend to get dismissed due to his folk hero-like stature. That being said, though, Brett, you should know better.

At the risk of becoming known as the Anti-Favre site, I couldn't help but point out the continuing paradox that this player has become. Besides the most recent incident, I see some major irony in the league fining the ex-landscaper QB for a crack back block. With his repeated waffling, isn't that what Favre did on a grander scale to the Packers and, maybe the Vikings, too? I'm just saying.....


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  2. Comment from Coov

    Don't you think he was trying to make a connection with his teammates? This guy is so self serving and whenever there's a rumor that he's not being accepted in the locker room (whether it's true or not) the paranoid Favre wants to try something to galvanize himself as the warrior that is his reputation (at least according to John Madden).

  3. Coov,

    You make a good point. It takes me back to the image of Brett riding his bike as a kid.....

    August "I'm just saying....Odds are that Brett Favre was that kid riding his bike with no hands saying "Hey, look at me!"