Saturday, September 26, 2009

NFL Power Rankings- Top 15 Week 2

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles

Either we provided the jinx or had some teams over-rated as our top three and six of our top eight teams all lost in week 2. Additionally, a few other teams made a case to move into the top 15 spots. The Colts, Broncos and 49ers all ran their records to 2-0, while the Cardinals and Bills got untracked after disappointing week 1 losses. The Saints continue to demonstrate that they have the most dynamic offense in football rolling up 93 points in the first two games. After a strong season opening effort, our home town Eagles team took a hard fall. Big wins last Sunday included the Rex Ryan led Jets taking down the arch rival Pats, the Ravens outlasting the Chargers and the Giants spoiling Jerry Jones' attendance record setting, stadium unveiling Cowboys team.

Here are the greatly jumbled up rankings:

  1. Saints (2-0)-Unstoppable offense + improving defense = contender
  2. Jets (2-0)-Big win against Pats has their confidence soaring
  3. Vikings (2-0)-Same story-have ingredients if Favre can stay healthy
  4. Giants (2-0)-Pulled out see saw battle at Dallas, Eli looked good
  5. Ravens (2-0)-Winning with offense rather than trademark defense
  6. Colts (2-0)-Manning gives them a chance to win any week
  7. Falcons (2-0)-Led by rising star Ryan, but won't sneak up on anybody in '09
  8. Steelers (1-1)-Anemic offense
  9. Patriots (1-1)-Chinks in the armor? Lucky to have one win
  10. Eagles (1-1)-Outplayed in every phase by Saints
  11. Chargers (1-1)-Tomlinson injured again and defense struggling
  12. Cowboys (1-1)-Jones coming out party with Barber out, Romo ?'s
  13. 49ers (2-0)- Could they be for real?
  14. Broncos (2-0)- Flukey win followed by strong outing against Browns
  15. Cardinals (1-1)-Offense came alive versus Jacksonville

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