Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm Just Saying......

A weekly collection of random thoughts and observations for you to consider.

  • The incredibly low number of fans in the Land Shark Stadium stands to watch the playoff contending Florida Marlins face off against the division leading Phillies illustrates how Philadelphia is such a great sports town. And, it begs to ask the question whether the new $515 million baseball stadium being built for them in Miami is nothing more than a huge waste of money?
  • I would tend to agree with Sheldon Brown that he has been and continues to be under appreciated by the Eagles. He has been a top quartile, dependable player for years, but I don't get what statement wearing a "Jason" mask makes about the team or his situation? And, doesn't it further lower what he already believes to be his substandard compensation as he accrues fines?
  • Why impose limits on the Eagles offensive creativity? Perhaps the Eagles should run an employee contest offering a day off and a gift certificate for any suggested trick play that is used in a game?
  • Where does the Wildcat obsession end? Might Reid and Mornhinweg put Brian Westbrook in at tackle to chip block a fast pass rusher or Leonard Weaver to serve as a pulling guard on a sweep?
  • Derek Lee can attest to it being a tough season for the Cubs when a celebratory slap lands him on the injured list.
  • Thanks to Rex Ryan and the Jets good start, they are my new favorite AFC team.
  • I don't usually agree with his logic or actions, but it was good to see Ochocinco do the Lambeau Leap on Sunday to call attention to the NFL's double standard. I would prefer that the NFL loosen up its wet blanket approach to touchdown celebrations, but in the absence of that, it is absurd that they allow only the Packers to engage in orchestrated demonstrations of joy.
  • Being in a town with the World Series Champion Phillies and NFC power Eagles, it might take more than rolling out new primary color uniforms and demo's on the "Princeton weave" for the Sixers to gain fan interest this season.
  • He has hit into some tough luck of late, but look for Chase Utley to catch fire over the last two weeks and finish over .300.
  • BrettFavre, BrettFavre, Brett Favre...There has been so much focus on Adrian Peterson, I thought Brett might need a little attention.

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