Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm just saying.....

A weekly collection of random thoughts and observations for you to consider.

• Major League Baseball should not follow the No Fun League's approach of squelching touchdown celebrations by legislating against game winning celebrations (a la Prince Fielder.) Of course, inside fastballs sometimes have a way of keeping those in check. And, would the World Series have to end with players walking to the mound and politely shaking hands?
• It would seem to me that the real reason there was little interest in future NBA Hall-of-Fame guard Allen Iverson is the perception that he can not be a complimentary player and it would require revolving their offense around him.
• Although it has become common place on the pro tennis tour, I'm not sure that being on the receiving end of the wrist and head bands tossed by victorious tennis players after a 3 or 4 hour match in 85 degree weather is such a coup.
• Was anybody else wondering while watching Radek Stepanek play Novak Djokovic in the US Open the other night if he doubles as Charlie Sheen's brother in "Two and a Half Men?"
• Why does tennis choose to label players angrily banging racquets on hard objects as a "racquet abuse infraction" as opposed to "unsportsmanlike conduct?" Are they concerned about the equipment or the behavior?
• Glad to see the Sixers finally invited Ex-Temple star Dionte Christmas to their training camp. He could turn out to be a holiday gift to themselves.
• Adding John Madden to various NFL committees seems a little like adding Al Franken to the US Senate or adding Homer Simpson to US Energy Advisory Council.
• Brent Celek will emerge as Donovan McNabb's much needed big, red zone target and score 10 TDs this season.
• You need to look no further than "You Tube" video clips of Victor "Macho" Harris' college highlights to see that he is a playmaker and will add an important dimension to the Eagles defense. Call it premature, but if he can continue to learn the complexities of the NFL and amp up his run defense, he has a chance to be a standout player.
• Can the Eagles really afford not to take out the "Jon Runyan insurance policy" if they truly believe they have a championship caliber team?

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