Saturday, November 21, 2009

NFL Power Rankings Top 15 Week 11

New England Patriots v Indianapolis Colts

Although they have failed to dominate and have had luck on their side over the past few weeks, the Saints and Colts remain undefeated. The Saints struggled against an awful Rams team, but squeaked out a win. The Colts were outplayed by the visiting Patriots, but quickly seized opportunity when Bill Belichick pulled a Barry Switzer gamble by going for a first down on 4th and 2 at their own 28. The referees probably got the spot wrong again, but the Colts quickly scored the winning touchdown to rally from 17 points down in the last quarter.

The Vikings continue to look like a clear Super Bowl contender. The have augmented their previously strong defense with a potent offense and dynamic special teams performer in Percy Harvin. As long as Brett Favre stays healthy, they will be a threat to win it all. The Vikings could very well have the best talent in the NFL as they have filled voids with Favre playing like he is 30 and Sydney Rice emerging as a star receiver.

With their second win this season against the defending Super Bowl Champion Steelers, the Bengals have made a loud statement that they are a legitimate contender that is not going to fade away. Their defense is playing superbly and continues to keep opponents off the board. With Carson Palmer returning to form after injury, along with Cedric Benson playing like the high draft choice he once was, Cincinnati should win 11 or 12 games.

It was not a good week to be 6-2 as all four teams lost. Below the top four, the next eleven teams are now just a game apart. All have the potential to get hot, but have also shown inconsistency over the course of the season. The Broncos have come crashing back to earth, similar to the Giants, and now find themselves trying to regain their confidence. The Eagles are banged up and will need to have inexperienced players step up if they hope to make the playoffs.

  1. Saints (9-0)-Might have taken Rams too lightly, but prevailed in end
  2. Colts (9-0)- Manning refuses to look a gift horse in the mouth
  3. Vikings (8-1)-Favre, Rice, Peterson rack up the yards
  4. Bengals (7-2)- Sweep vs Steelers shows they are the real deal
  5. Patriots (6-3)-Belichick rolls dice and loses game to Colts
  6. Steelers (6-3)-Drop second to Bengals, fall behind in AFC North
  7. Chargers (6-3)- Moved ball with ease against Eagles
  8. Cardinals (6-3)-Rally in 4th Qtr to overcome Seahawks
  9. Broncos (6-3)-Luster quickly fading with 3rd straight loss
  10. Cowboys(6-3)-Dominated by Packers, still many questions
  11. Eagles (5-4)-Chargers too much for depleted team
  12. Falcons (5-4)-Ryan and defense struggling, Turner hurt
  13. Giants (5-4)-A week off to think about 4 game losing streak
  14. Texans (5-4)- Monday night victory will be big for playoff hopes
  15. Ravens (5-4)-Didn't learn much against minor league Browns team

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