Saturday, November 14, 2009

NFL Power Rankings Top 15 Week 10

New England Patriots v Indianapolis Colts

The NFL's two remaining unbeaten teams both had to come from behind to win in Week 9. While the Colts will be severely tested this week as the Patriots roll into town, the Saints will need to find ways to limit themselves from rolling up a Barry Switzer coached Oklahoma style blowout. Based on the Colts most recent performances, it is likely that the Saints will stand alone after Week 10. The NFL is shaping up as a league of "have's" and "have not's" with the Saints/Rams game serving as a prime example.

The Vikings had a week off and face a "have not." After being out of the spot light, the Vikings QB will surely want to throw up some big numbers. Besides the Patriots/Colts game, the most interesting game of the weekend may be the Bengals visiting Pittsburgh with first place in the AFC North at stake. The Steelers are on a roll, but the Bengals could very well surprise them.

Another game that may demonstrate how much a factor each team will be over the course of the season will be in San Diego. The Eagles visit the Chargers with both teams sitting at 5-3, but each having underplayed expectations. Poor decision making and an uninspired performance cost the Eagles a win last week, and they now have to face the Chargers potent passing game with a depleted secondary.

The Cowboys have been winning, but still do not appear to be overly impressive. An upset loss against the rebounding Packers in Green Bay is not out of the question. The Giants continue to fall and will have an extra week to figure out what to do. Similar to last season, it is hard to tell which Cardinals team will show up any given week. The high powered offense, dominating team dressed for last week's game. They might show up again facing a Seahawks team with trouble defending the pass.

  1. Saints (8-0)-May have to use third string to keep from 60 point win
  2. Colts (8-0)-Could Pats leave the Saints as last undefeated team?
  3. Vikings (7-1)-Ditto. Have all the ingredients to go to Super Bowl
  4. Patriots (6-2)-Back on track, huge test this week
  5. Steelers (6-2)-Big win in Denver has them thinking repeat
  6. Broncos (6-2)- Coming back to earth after great start
  7. Bengals (6-2)- Look like bona fide playoff team with sweep over Ravens
  8. Cowboys(6-2)-Keep winning, but still not overly impressive
  9. Eagles (5-3)-Never seemed to kick it in gear against Cowboys
  10. Falcons (5-3)- Took care of business vs Redskins
  11. Cardinals (5-3)-Up and down team that lacks motivation to excel
  12. Chargers (5-3)- Boosted in rankings by Giants win after so so season
  13. Giants (5-4)-Four losses and counting, bye gives time to regroup
  14. Texans (5-4)- Played Colts tough, seem on the verge
  15. Ravens (4-4)-Defense playing better, but offense disappears

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