Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm just saying.....

Philadelphia Eagles v San Diego Chargers

I'm Just Saying......

A weekly collection of random thoughts and observations for you to consider.

  • The Eagles would be wise to break from normal practice and reward Sheldon Brown with a new contract. Brown has proven again that he is a very valuable player who is willing to play through injury. Besides securing a good player, this would send a very positive message that the team is willing to make a rare exception when someone clearly outplays their contract.
  • Speaking of Eagles contracts, Winston Justice deserves a great deal of credit for transforming himself into a solid right tackle. Very few fans or experts would have predicted that Justice would become the offensive line's most consistently strong performer when he had to step into the starting role.
  • With all the injuries on their offensive line and the poor play of Stacy Andrews, my gut says that the Eagles will be sorry that they let Jon Runyan get away to the Chargers.
  • With public sentiment and Roger Goodell cracking down on the handling of concussions, teams are now being careful in using the term. For instance, four time concussion victim Ben Roethlisberger left Sunday's game when he was disoriented by a blow to the head, but his injury was described as being "concussion-like symptoms."
  • What exactly is NBC thinking by including Kobe Bryant and Octomom in their "2009 People of the Year?"
  • Although exceeding Eric Bruntlett's 2009 performance will be very easy, I am finding it hard to get too excited about the signing of Juan Castro.
  • It is hard to argue with Albert Pujols being the unanimous MVP winner, but Hanley Ramirez finishing 2nd ahead of Ryan Howard is very questionable. Ramirez is an excellent hitter, but I don't even get the sense his own teammates would vote for him. And, without Howard's great season, the Phillies probably would not have been the National League Champions.
  • Donovan McNabb is the best quarterback in franchise history and a future Hall of Famer. A Super Bowl win would be awesome, but an inordinate amount of emphasis is placed on that as a measure of his performance and not enough recognition that he has played mostly with a substandard cast of receivers. And, how does Freddy Mitchell have any credibility in trashing McNabb?
  • Despite the 34-yard run against the Bears, the Eagles should refrain from getting too enamored with the Mike Vick Mildcat.
  • Considering their 5-10 start, perhaps the Sixers need to add the "Princeton Weave" to their Ivy League offense to keep opponents off the board? Or, consider an NBA offense?
  • I still believe the Phillies should resign Chan Ho Park, even if it means promising that the 5th starting pitcher slot is his to lose. He has the experience and stuff to be good in either a starting or relief role.
  • Dodge has joined Levitra, Avodart, Cialis, Bud Light and Miller Lite as the most frequently run commercials during sporting events. I'm not sure that commercials featuring poems about pick-up trucks will appeal a whole lot to the target market and jack up their sales. I'm just saying...and my tank is full.

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