Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm just saying....

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles

A weekly collection of random thoughts and observations for you to consider.

  • Once again, the NFL seems to have its priorities mixed up and do not appear to be Eagles fans. While they forego suspensions on players testing positive for steroids, they decide to clamp down hard on the Eagles Joselio Hanson for taking a weight loss pill. And, last week they penalized the Eagles for a 1 second Captain Morgan pose after a touchdown. Perhaps the NFL front office are scotch drinkers and like players with a little bit of meat on them?
  • Considering that the TV networks are continually looking to find new sources of revenue, Jorge Posada presented an excellent new opportunity in the World Series. In Game 2 of the World Series, Posada called 28 timeouts to visit the mound. Could the "Avodart or Directv Pitching Conference Moment" be in the not too distant future?
  • Since things haven't seemed to take a turn for the better in Washington, maybe Sherman Lewis will become available for a consulting gig with Philadelphia? Last week's game against Dallas suggested that a "Time Management" consultant might be in order for the Eagles.
  • Rumor has it that the Patriots are looking to add the Wildcat formation to their offense. If only they could have made that decision before the trade deadline....
  • "LeBron" has spoken. He is calling for the league to retire #23 in honor of "Michael" rationalizing that if he is not going to wear the number, then surely nobody else should. Lets hope the NBA does not further inflate these two third person, first name-only egos by complying with LeBron's decree.
  • Wade Phillips seems to over celebrate a little as if he knows he is on borrowed time. I was waiting for him to dump Gatorade on his players after the Eagles failed to convert a 4th and inches.
  • And, speaking of 4th and inches, it sure would help if NFL referees actually spotted the ball in the appropriate place and then used the same video that was shown to all television viewers to get the call right after a challenge.

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