Thursday, November 26, 2009

NFL Power Rankings-Top 15....Week 12

Seattle Seahawks v Minnesota Vikings

The Saints and Colts continued their winning ways in very different fashion. After a series of less convincing wins, New Orleans pummeled the Bucs. Meanwhile, the Colts eked out a win against a Ravens team that was feeling an urgency to win. Like the Saints, the Vikings had another dominating performance to stay just one game back. Minnesota has no discernible weakness and will provide a stiff challenge to the Saints title hopes.

Although they seemingly gave a game away to the Colts a week earlier, the Patriots bounced back nicely against the division rival Jets. After a slow start, their offense is once again putting fears in the hearts of opponents around the league. Their young defense is the only thing that separates them from the top three. The Chargers continue their upward ascension and moved ahead of the Broncos in the AFC West with a large exclamation point.

The Bengals offset a big win against the Steelers a week earlier with a lackluster loss to the Raiders. Cincinnati just does not seem ready to fully assert itself as a top team as they disappoint after stoking their fans enthusiasm. The Cardinals barely got by the lowly Rams, but they can look very good when they put it all together.

The Eagles lead a pack of 6-4 teams primarily because they have shown the ability to dominate when they clicking on all cylinders. Injuries, mediocre play by their 3 big free agent signings, a suspension and their youth have gone a long way towards keeping their play uneven and below expectations. The Cowboys have also underperformed expectations, but have managed a 7-3 start to sit atop the NFC East. Meanwhile, their vaunted rivals, the Giants, simply have not looked very good over the past 5 games.

The Packers and Jaguars have edged into the top 15 by virtue of their 6-4 records. Both teams show a lot of promise and could make some noise over the course of the season. Taking away their losses to the Vikings and Bengals, Green Bay is 6-1 and has the ingredients to be a legitimate playoff contender.

  1. Saints (10-0)-Dominating win validates top spot
  2. Colts (10-0)- Continuing to find ways to win to stay unbeaten
  3. Vikings (9-1)-Is this Favre's best season? Vikes best team?
  4. Patriots (7-3)-Bounced back very well from Colts loss
  5. Chargers (7-3)- Crushing win over Broncos has them in first
  6. Bengals (7-3)- Lose every time you get excited about them
  7. Cardinals (7-3)-Not impressive against Rams, but open 3 game lead
  8. Cowboys(7-3)-With offense slumping, barely beat Skins
  9. Eagles (6-4)-McNabb lead Eagles to professional win
  10. Steelers (6-4)-Loss to KC has many questioning prospects
  11. Broncos (6-4)-Dropping like a rock, maybe played over heads
  12. Giants (6-4)-OT win ends 4 game slide
  13. Packers (6-4)-Strong offense, good pass defense have them in hunt
  14. Jaguars (6-4)-Making playoff push
  15. Ravens (5-5)-Defense looking better, just fall short vs Colts

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