Saturday, October 17, 2009

NFL Rankings.....Week 5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Philadelphia Eagles

While the #2 Giants obliterated another opponent, the #1 Saints rested up on a bye week. Expect them to use that break and their considerable talents to prove their ranking in their head-to-head match-up this week. The Colts continued their upward ascension despite injuries. The Vikings look to have all the ingredients, as long as Favre stays healthy. Three lopsided wins out of four games suggest that the Eagles will be force and a legitimate Super Bowl contender. They have a plethora of weapons that have been able to overcome both penalties and the Wildcat. Josh McDaniels is making head coaching look easy, taking down his mentor most recently.

  1. Saints (4-0)-Still clicking on all cylinders, rested and ready for the Giants
  2. Giants (5-0)-Good a crushing lesser opponents, but need to prove vs Saints
  3. Colts (5-0)-Defense playing beyond expectations even with injuries
  4. Vikings (5-0)-Favre love fest continues, good as long a he stays healthy
  5. Eagles (3-1)-3 large margin victories despite Wildcat and penalties
  6. Broncos (5-0)- Beating Pats proves that are officially for real
  7. Bengals (4-1)- Proving themselves to be legit with another big win against Ravens
  8. Falcons (3-1)-Destruction of Niners has team feeling good about itself
  9. Patriots (3-2)-Playoff team, but definitely no longer a powerhouse
  10. Ravens (3-2)-Two last minute losses and refs have team reeling
  11. Steelers (3-2)-Still miss Pal, not the same team that won Super Bowl
  12. Jets (3-2)-Defense faltered, but next two games should get them back on track
  13. 49ers (3-2)- Brought back to earth by Falcons, Singletary will have them rebounding
  14. Bears (3-1)-Better than expected, though pass defense could be trouble
  15. Cowboys(2-2)-Yeh, baby, could they have a found a replacement for TO in OT?

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