Sunday, October 11, 2009

NFL Power Rankings- Top 15 Week 4

Chiefs vs. Giants

Five teams remain undefeated heading into week 5 of the NFL season. The Saints relied on their own defense to win the showdown between the Saints top rated offense and the Jets tough defense. The Colts seem to be getting better each week. After coming away with an unlikely win against the 49ers a week earlier, the Jared Allen led Vikings defense terrorized the Packers to win the Brett Favre Revenge Bowl. The Broncos victory over the Cowboys is starting to convince people they are for real. The Patriots and Steelers are looking more like previous year's teams after spotty play at the outset.

The Eagles have dominated in weeks 1 and 3, which seems more indicative of their capabilities. They trail the Giants, who have gotten off to strong start, but the injury to Eli Manning bears watching. He has the type of injury that can be persistent and David Carr's past performance suggests that they can not afford to lose Manning for any stretch of time. At this point, it is hard to judge he Cowboys as they are up and down. They will continue to waiver as long as Romo remains in his funk, which may be difficult to shake since a large part of it traces to confidence.

Teams that I expect to rise in the rankings include the Eagles, Steelers, Patriots and Chargers. Teams that may fall a little in the rankings are the Vikings, 49ers, Bears and Bengals. Here is where they are after Week 4:

  1. Saints (4-0)-Defense getting better each week, more than enough for Brees
  2. Giants (4-0)-Cruising against weaker teams, but Eli injury worrisome
  3. Colts (4-0)-Team has made transition with new coaching staff
  4. Vikings (4-0)-Dominated on defense, but still had to hang on to win
  5. Eagles (2-1)-Top team with return of McNabb and Westbrook
  6. Jets (3-1)-No disgrace in losing to Saints, but Sanchez looked like a rookie
  7. Broncos (4-0)- Suffocating defense has doubters believing
  8. Patriots (3-1)-Big win against Ravens, but not dominant like 2007
  9. Ravens (3-1)-Should rebound after near miss against Pats
  10. Steelers (2-2)-Trouble closing after strong starts is becoming pattern
  11. 49ers (3-1)- Demolition of Rams shows team's balance
  12. Bengals (3-1)- Had to rally to beat lowly Browns
  13. Falcons (2-1)-Pushed down by other teams moving up
  14. Bears (3-1)-Better than expected, though pass defense could be trouble
  15. Chargers (2-2)-Strong finish couldn't overcome poor first 3 quarters

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