Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm Just Saying......

A weekly collection of random thoughts and observations for you to consider.

  • Watching Billy Wagner and Josh Johnson fire fastballs in the high 90's makes me wonder if some healthy pitchers will opt for Tommy John surgery in the future to add a couple mph?
  • The Phillies have the best talent and chemistry in baseball, so if they play to their potential, repeat may be the November word of the month.
  • The Sporting News just ranked Philadelphia the #2 sports city behind its Pennsylvania cousin, Pittsburgh. Housing both the NFL and NHL champions from a year ago is great, but there is no better sports city than Philadelphia. The city can boast the following: 1)the Phillies, Eagles and Flyers all had attendance more than 100% of capacity; 2)all four teams made the playoffs; and 3)the Phillies were World Series Champions.
  • Jared Allen is on track for NFC Defensive Player of the Year.
  • The Packers and their fans already have November 1st marked with a thick red circle for Brett Favre's return, and the outcome will likely be very different than last Monday night.
  • The Twins have run themselves out of the NLDS with its amateurish baserunning and an apparently visually impaired umpire.
  • Although TBS may not be stored in your favorite channel list, having them broadcast the NLDS means we don't have to hear Tim McCarver spend two innings explaining the finer points of baseball such as the use of the cross over step in stealing bases or methods of forming a pocket in a catcher's mitt.
  • Considering the frigid weather conditions in Colorado and the elongated post season schedule, it makes you wonder about the possibilities for the Minnesota Twins new Stadium slated to open next season. Target Stadium will be a great improvement over the Metrodome from mid-May through mid-September, but could make for some miserable conditions before and after.
  • Although he was a good stat guy, hearing Bobby Abreu being labeled as a leader with the Angels makes you wonder if it is the same guy who played for the Phillies.
  • Josh McDaniels looked like he was going to crash and burn before the regular season even started, now he is the leading candidate for Coach of the Year.
  • Perhaps Tony LaRussa should consider a new salon?

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