Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm Just Saying......

Detroit Lions v Buffalo Bills

A weekly collection of random thoughts and observations for you to consider.

  • Was the Greg Lewis that made the acrobatic game winning touchdown catch on the Vikings last play the same ex-Eagles, ex-UPS driver Greg Lewis?
  • More times than not, I disagree with Terrell Owens' messages and methods, but this week I will say what he wanted to say. Buffalo Bills coaches, what are you thinking? What is the purpose of signing TO, putting him across from another very good receiver, only to refuse to use their talents and explosiveness?
  • Does the NFL have an axe to grind with Donovan McNabb? First they turn their head when a 301 pound defender breaks his rib by piling on, then they add insult to injury by awarding the NFC Offensive Player of the Week to Kevin Kolb.
  • Monday Night Football should provide great theatre when Brett Favre and the Vikings host the Packers. The collective motivation of 53 players, their coaching staff and the front office should overcome the will of the quarterback on the other side.
  • When selecting pitchers for the playoff roster, the Phillies would be wise to give the medical staff a voice at the table.
  • It would be really good news for the Sixers if Jason Smith has recovered fully from his injury as he was looking ready to become a strong contributor before he went down.
  • Ed Wade was smart to acquire Michael Bourne, who has rounded into a much better player than what I expected.
  • I guess the members of the International Olympic Committee do not watch Oprah.

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