Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm Just Saying......

A weekly collection of random thoughts and observations for you to consider.

  • "Manny" takes a shower during the dramatic 9th inning Phillies rally in Game 4 of the NLCS, yet the TBS and ESPN commentators continue to be apologists for him. Its just more evidence that Manny is about Manny. When questioned about it, Joe Torre said he has been doing it all year and it was only getting attention because it is the NLCS. Does that make it right and isn't the whole season riding on those games?
  • After the Phillies clinched the NLCS, Torre said that the Dodgers "weren't the best team this week." I can appreciate supporting your guys, but Joe, I have news for wouldn't be the best team next week or the week after or the week after that. Maybe its time to acknowledge that the Phillies are better...period?
  • Every time that I see players like Alex Rodriguez and Manny make big contributions in the playoffs, I wonder how much of the success is attributable to modern science? And, its hard to feel admiration when the announcers marvel over their supreme capabilities.
  • Wasn't Sherman Lewis, the Redskins new "Offensive Play Caller in the Press Box Consultant", the guy on "The Jeffersons?"
  • With all the controversy over bad calls in the Major League Baseball playoffs, perhaps they could give umpires iPhones with streaming video so they could take a peak at pitch tracker or see replays showing two guys standing off of 3rd base or a ball landing a couple feet fair?
  • Speaking of umpiring mistakes, it seems that an inordinate number of the blown calls have benefited the Yankees. I'm just saying....
  • It seems that in order for Cole Hamels to get back on track, he is going to need to mix in his curve ball a lot more because his other pitches are both very straight. Speaking of which, did James Loney bait him into throwing the curve by praising the pitch and then sitting on it for a home run?
  • The whole Oakland Raiders coaching controversy reminds me of a Monty Python skit. So, apparently Tom "Piranha" Cable has no idea how the coffee table got nailed to his ex-assistant's head. And, the witnesses, who are still currently employed by Cable and the Raiders, say that their ex-associate must have accidently fallen on the coffee table.
  • Certain Fantasy Football team owners are rejoicing now that Tom Brady has his "running up the score groove thing" back. Five TD passes in one quarter projects to 320 TD's over a full season. And, Brady doesn't have to worry about an angry defense retaliating now that the NFL has given him his own yellow hanky to throw when he gets bumped.

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