Monday, June 14, 2010

MLB Inside Edition: Ranking the Most Desirable Dirty Dozen Artifacts

Part 3 of 13

11 Herman Franks' Telescope

In 1951, the New York Giants found themselves hopelessly 13 1/2 games behind the arch rival Brooklyn Dodgers in August. Somehow, though, the Giants went on a tear and ultimately clinched the National League Pennant on Bobby Thomson's "shot heard 'round the world" on the season's last day.

Recently, former players admitted to an elaborate sign stealing system that may have provided a big boost that season. The scheme was keyed by coach Herman Franks using a telescope behind the center field fence to read opposing catcher's signals to begin a relay process to the batter.

It is unclear whether Thomson was aided by the Franks system, but it seems clear that at a minimum, arguably the most famous home run and moment in baseball history would likely have been reduced to just an exciting way to end the regular season.

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