Monday, June 21, 2010

MLB Inside Edition: Ranking the Most Desirable Dirty Dozen Artifacts

Part 10 of 13

4  Gaylord Perry's 300th Victory Vaseline Jar

As a journeyman pitcher who donned eight different uniforms in his 22-year MLB career, Gaylord Perry racked up 314 wins and went onto be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1991. Along the way, his name became synonymous with the art of pitching using assorted "foreign substances."

Perry allegedly experimented with all different types of slimy matters, but Vaseline was rumored to be his substance of choice. The secret to his sinker became such common lore that the petroleum jelly manufacturer once offered him a contract to be the company's poster boy. 

Perry-signed jars of Vaseline have periodically been auctioned on eBay— but the actual container used by the pitcher when he recorded his historic 300th career victory that likely landed him in Cooperstown would be one heck of a conversation piece. 

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