Saturday, June 5, 2010

Eight Key Questions That Will Define the Philadelphia Eagles 2010 Season

Part 1 of 9

From the time that the team departed Dallas dazed from dual demolitions at the end of last season until now, the Philadelphia Eagles have engaged in a dramatic make-over.

High profile players exited, new blood was infused, and young players have been elevated to leading roles. With every "OTA", we get a little bit more data and insight that helps to highlight the keys to the upcoming season.

As mini-camp heads toward completion, there are eight key questions that will largely define success for the team in 2010. How these get answered will play a large role in determining whether the Eagles will be a legitimate contender, an also ran, or even a basement dweller.

1. Can Kevin Kolb be all that?

A much chronicled changing of the guard at the quarterback position is, of course, the biggest story of the offseason. And, it will continue to be the biggest storyline and key to the upcoming season.

Kevin Kolb, fresh off three NFL regular season starts, has been handed the role that had been held down for 10 plus seasons by Donovan McNabb.

There is considerable confidence amongst the team and fanbase that Kolb will more than adequately fill the shoes of the best quarterback in franchise history.

In fact, there is abundant sentiment that the team will be better off with the new signal caller as he might be a better fit for the "West Coast" scheme and considering the laundry list of McNabb transgressions, ranging from throwing accuracy to air guitar.

Bravado aside, Kolb is going to have to prove it between the white lines. Surrounded with an arsenal of weapons, Kolb will need to do more than rack up yards.

He will also need to avoid the turnovers that have dotted his NFL career thus far. There is no quicker path to the basement than a gratuitous ration of balls on the ground or passes to the wrong color uniform.

Forget the bag chips— the biggest question this year is whether Kevin Kolb will be all that?

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