Monday, June 14, 2010

MLB Inside Edition: Ranking the Most Desirable Dirty Dozen Artifacts

Part 2 of 13

12 Mike Scott's Emery Board

Mike Scott was one of the best pitchers in baseball over the second half of the 80's. The Houston Astros right-hander went 86-49 during that period and won the NL Cy Young in 1986 when he went 18-10 while leading the league with a 2.22 ERA and 306 strikeouts.

That same season he was reportedly involved in a now infamous incident. Spurred by growing suspicion from opponents about his on field mastery and an inordinate number of scuffed up baseballs, umpires confronted him on the mound to search for the baseball doctoring source.

Demonstrating quick thinking or a well thought out plan, Scott reached into his back pockets and animatedly pulled the insides out while throwing his hands into the air as if to say "who me?" Somehow umpires missed what cameras and fans picked up— Scott had also tossed a small, white emery board behind him in the process.

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