Thursday, July 8, 2010

Philadelphia Phillies: Four Desperate Measures for Desperate Times- Part 2

Philadelphia Phillies Citizens Bank Park
Part 2 of 5

1. Take on payroll

The Phillies have already committed close to $140 million in payroll for this year's team. This is surely a big number and a major departure from the organization's small market mentality of the not too distant past. 

But that being said, the team cannot afford to let that get in the way of what it needs to do to salvage this season. The Phillies need to be willing to take on additional payroll considering the hand they have been dealt. 

Failing to do so would be like buying an expensive house and failing to insure it or repair broken water pipes. 

Fans continue to turn out in droves, resulting in sell-outs every home game. Even hastily scheduled "away games" at Citizen's Bank Park come within a relative handful of capacity. 

The team owes it the fans and themselves to spend a little bit more to protect what has already been invested. 

If another team is willing to dump salary expense to get rid of a high priced player such as Miquel Tejada, Matt Capps, Bobby Jenks, or Jose Lopez and asking for little in return— jump on it. 

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