Thursday, July 8, 2010

10 MLB Stars Whose Careers Ended Far Too Soon- Part 8

Part 8 of 11

The Late Thurman Munson

Thurman Munson

He was a perennial All-Star catcher and the on-field quarterback of the New York Yankees throughout the 70's. Thurman Munson eventually became team captain, including on the 1977 and 1978 World Championship teams.

Munson was elected to the AL All-Star squad seven times in 11 seasons. Additionally, he was recognized with the American League Rookie of the Year and MVP Awards as well as three Gold Gloves. 

Playing the most physically demanding position, Munson batted .292 over his career. In the post season, he took his game to the next level, hitting a lofty .357 over 30 games.

Late in the 1979 season, while practicing flying his new jet, Munson crashed while landing and was killed. He was just 32, leaving his wife, three children, and millions of adoring fans behind.

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