Monday, July 5, 2010

Philadelphia Phillies' 10 Item Checklist to Overtake the Braves and Mets- Part 9

May 15, 2010- Milwaukee, WI. Miller Park..Philadelphia Phillies Chase Utley steps to the plate, Utley had 2 RBI doubles off of Brewers starter Chris Narveson..Milwaukee Brewers lost to the Philadelphia Phillies 6-10..Mike McGinnis / CSM.

Part 9 of 12

8. Chase being Chase

The recent struggles of Chase Utley illustrated how important his offense is to the Phillies success. 

Because of his remarkable consistency as a fixture in the three hole over the previous five years, his production tends to be taken a little bit for granted. The brownout that dropped his name from the NL leader boards to journeyman territory noticeably undermined the offense.

The team's fortunes turned around about the same time Utley emerged from his extended slump. 

Now that it has been determined that the thumb injury will likely keep Utley out of action for eight weeks, this issue has substantially grown. His absence could prove to be a huge blow to the Phillies hopes.   

This is not to suggest that the team will pack it in with Utley lost for an extended period of time, but most everything else has to go right— and maybe then some— to compensate.

For instance, Jimmy Rollins playing like it was 2007 all over again or Ryan Howard taking his trademark second half surge to a monster level would do wonders. Or, perhaps a trade for the next Tad Iguchi would bridge the gap. 

Chase being Chase is clearly part of the Phillies' secret sauce. 

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