Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hottest of the Hot Corner: Ranking MLB's Top 16 Third Basemen—No. 10

Scott Rolen swings at a pitch
Part 7 of 16

No. 10 Scott Rolen, Cincinnati Reds

Like Adrian Beltre, Scott Rolen's high water mark was 2004. And, like Chipper Jones, Rolen's play has been limited by injuries in recent years.

The seven-time Gold Glove winner hit for career highs in 2004 with 34 HR's, 124 RBI's and a .314 batting average. Since then, multiple shoulder and back injuries have kept him off the field one out of every three games.

When healthy, Rolen still flashes his trademark fielding range and line drive bat. In 2009, the 35-year old third baseman hit .305 and committed just 5 errors in 127 games.

Over his 15-year career, Rolen has batted .283 and amassed 288 HR's and 1,140 RBI's. Besides winning NL Rookie of the Year honors in 1997, he has also been a five-time all-star selection.

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