Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hottest of the Hot Corner: Ranking MLB's Top 16 Third Basemen—No. 8

Arizona Diamondbacks vs Colorado Rockies in Denver
Part 9 of 16

No. 8 Mark Reynolds, Arizona Diamondbacks

Mark Reynolds often makes the news for what he doesn't do— namely, make a lot of contact. But when he does connect, Reynolds displays some of the most prodigious power in baseball.

In 2008, the Diamondbacks third baseman set a major league record by fanning 204 times. He followed that up by striking out an incredible 223 times a year ago— destroying his own record.

But strikeouts were not the only thing he increased. Reynolds lifted his home run total from 28 to 44 and raised his batting average to .260. He also jacked up his stolen base total to 24 and his fielding percentage from a dismal .904 to a respectable .945.

The 26-year old slugger still has a lot of room to refine his game, but has big upside. Imagine what he could do if he cut his whiffs down to, say, 180?

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