Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Phillies All-Time Line Up—Conclusion

Dodgers and Phillies meet for Game Five of NLCS in Los Angeles

Philadelphia Phillies All-Time Line Up (Final)


So, there you have it– the Phillies All-Time Line-up:

Richie Ashburn- CF

Chase Utley- 2B

Mike Schmidt- 3B

Ryan Howard- 1B

Chuck Klein- RF

Del Ennis- LF

Jimmy Rollins- SS

Mike Lieberthal- C

Steve Carlton- P

Much of the fun in this type of exercise comes from the ensuing debate. In that spirit, let me know what you think? Did I get it about right, totally nail it, miss on a couple or make a mess of it? Who would you add or subtract? How would the current Phillies team fare against the All-Time team?

Philadelphia Phillies All-Time Line Up

Batting First: Richie Ashburn- Center Field

Batting Second: Chase Utley- Second Base

Batting Third: Mike Schmidt- Third Base

Batting Fourth: Ryan Howard- First Base

Batting Fifth: Chuck Klein- Right Field

Batting Sixth: Del Ennis- Left Field

Phillies All-Time Line Up—Batting Seventh: Jimmy Rollins- Shortstop

Phillies All-Time Line Up—Batting Eighth: Mike Lieberthal- Catcher

Phillies All-Time Line Up—Batting Ninth: Steve Carlton-Pitcher

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