Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm just saying....Super Bowl Edition: Hypermnesia, Kim Kardashion, Gatorade, The Who and More

San Francisco 49ers v Indianapolis Colts

A collection of random thoughts and observations on Super Bowl XLIV for you to consider. I'm just saying....

  • Injured Colts star defensive player Dwight Freeney showed up at "Media Day" wearing flip flops. This might not seem unusual considering the South Beach location, but it would certainly seem to be an unconventional medical approach for a guy trying to "shake off" a torn ankle ligament.
  • So, the Colts Peyton Manning has hypermnesia? I'm not so sure of that, but watching him frantically dance like the Black Eyed Peas at the line of scrimmage before each and every snap, I could buy into the notion that he is simply "hyper." Or, perhaps the condition could just be spelled "H-Y-P-E."
  • Does Saints Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams have Buddy Ryan blood lines somewhere in his family tree? He seems to be taking a page out of the former Chicago Bears defensive coordinator and Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach's repertoire with all his pre-game comments about roughing up Peyton Manning with some "remember me hits." What's next- Jimmy Johnson exposing a bounty placed on Manning's head or body bags stacked on the Saints sidelines?
  • If the Saints prevail, I would envision players following the requisite script of dumping a large cooler of Gatorade on head coach Sean Payton as the clock winds down. But, if the Colts are to bring home their second Super Bowl Championship, it seems more likely that players will veer from protocol and simply hand head coach Jim Caldwell one measured quart of the sports drink in a plain white, leak proof bottle with the Colts insignia facing cameras. Maybe I'm just saying that the Colts seem a little bit "corporate."
  • Much has been made of the NFL's trend of booking, shall we say, geriatric half-time entertainers. Perhaps the league is aligning to the demographics of the Super Bowl attendees, or they are just figuring that they surely don't have to worry about any intentional "wardrobe malfunctions" with 60ish or 70ish musicians like The Who, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Tom Petty and The Boss?
  • Will Reggie Bush's and the Saints' good luck charm be in attendance at the Super Bowl and in the spotlight, again? The team would be wise to host Kim Kardashian, the anti-Simpson, in the Saints luxury suite as a motivational source, especially considering her inspiration to Bush and the Colts vulnerability on special teams coverage.
  • Speaking of Kardashian, she also sure would liven up the festivities if the Saints were to find themselves spraying champagne around the locker room after the game. Or, is that prohibited by the "No Fun League?"
  • Lets hope the Super Bowl officials allow the players some space to play the game rather than litter the field with hankies all day. Greg Williams' pre-game comments certainly don't help the cause, especially considering the "Michael Jordan" treatment already afforded Peyton Manning and anybody on the other end of his passes in a Colts uniform.
  • Although it messes up the sexy tradition of "Super Sunday," the idea of switching the Super Bowl to Saturday's makes an incredible amount of success. To validate, just ask businesses about worker productivity or employee absenteeism on the following Monday. And, besides, who chooses to throw a big party on a Sunday night over a Saturday night? If the NFL does not come to their senses here, perhaps Hallmark could declare "Super Bowl Monday" a new national holiday?
  • With Dwight Freeney injured, two prolific offensive teams led by two of the NFL's top quarterbacks, pro-offense rule changes and a pair of somewhat vulnerable defenses- the ingredients for the highest scoring Super Bowl in history seem to be in place. The current record is 75 points, set in Super Bowl XXIX (29 for those of you who use our country's traditional numbering system) when the San Francisco 49ers crushed the San Diego Chargers, 49-26. Heck, if Reggie Bush or Darren Sharper throw in a return TD, the record might be broken in the third quarter.
  • I'll bet Jim Caldwell is feeling a little bit better about his decision to rest Peyton Manning and others in Week 16 at the expense of an undefeated season. His Colts team is poised to win a second championship. On the other hand, if they do, won't we be hearing for a long time to come that the Colts could have gone down in history as the greatest team ever?
  • Speaking of Caldwell, does his current success as a rookie head coach and his career history tell us that it is harder to win in the ACC than the NFL?
  • How many hours into CBS' coverage on Super Sunday before they run a segment showing Brett Favre in his Saints-loyal Mississippi hometown? When they run it, I am guessing that Favre will express that it is highly unlikely that he will return next season, but he needs to talk it over with his family, doesn't want to make a snap decision, yadda, yadda, yadda.
  • According to a article this week, U.S. home prices have appreciated 999% during the Super Bowl era, while tickets for the hallowed event have appreciated at a slightly higher rate- a mere 22,225% to be exact. I wonder if the NFL would consider selling Super Bowl stock? Or, could the Super Bowl be the next bubble around the corner? Nah.
  • After arguably being unfairly snubbed as this season's NFL MVP, it would be easy to envision Drew Brees outplaying Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl, but losing out on the game's MVP award to him- even if the Saints win.

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