Saturday, December 12, 2009

NFL Power Rankings Top 15 Week 14

The Saints and Colts keep on rolling along with their respective undefeated seasons. Last week, the Saints escaped with a win after being beneficiaries of some good fortune just as the Colts have done a couple weeks this season. As Drew Brees pointed out after the game, the Saints have found themselves on the opposite side when luck seemed to go the other way, but it has been all good in this magical season. Things could continue to break their way with a favorable schedule the rest of the way, but hosting Dallas next week will surely be circled on their calendars.

Indianapolis veered from their recent script when they took an early lead and maintained it throughout the game to defeat the surging Titans. The next two games appear to be their biggest obstacles to complete the regular season without a loss as they host Denver and then travel to a face an improving Jacksonville team. Tennessee dropped to 5-7, but based on their level of play over the past 6 weeks, remain in our Top 15.

Just when the Vikings were looking like a powerhouse, they came up flat against the Cardinals. After yielding more than 500 yards in their previous game, Arizona's Jekyl and Hyde defense looked very stout versus a very potent Vikings offense. With a comfortable two game lead and the tie breaker over the Packers as well as a diminishing chance to catch New Orleans, the Vikings could very well find themselves resting players for the playoffs. This could prove to be more beneficial to the team than gaining home field advantage with the 40 year old Brett Favre behind center.

The Chargers racked up their 7th straight win to stay a game in front of the Broncos in the AFC West. Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates and Vincent Jackson have San Diego rolling up the points and they now are the NFL's 3rd highest scoring offense. Denver exploded for 44 points after struggling offensively in the middle of the season and still hope to catch the Chargers with a little help. The other top AFC continues to be the Bengals, who have now opened a 3 game lead over the Ravens. The Super Bowl defending champion Steelers have fallen off the map at 6-7 after losses to the lowly Raiders and Browns in successive weeks.

Aaron Rodgers continues to play like his old mentor and, along with an emerging defense, has the Packers surging. They currently hold the first Wild Card spot in the NFC and are playing like a lock for the post season. The Cowboys seemed to outplay the Giants, but found themselves on the losing end. Just when the Giants were looking dead in the water, they found a way to win and keep themselves in contention.

The Eagles, of course, registered their 3rd consecutive win to pull even with the Cowboys at 8-4 and now control their own destiny in the NFC East. The return of several players as well as the improving prognosis on Brian Westbrook and Kevin Curtis put them in position for another successful season end despite a difficult schedule.

The Patriots find themselves in unfamiliar territory, losing games they almost always had won throughout the decade. The Jaquars keep winning to hang onto playoff hopes while the Ravens find themselves just hanging on, period.

  1. Saints (12-0)-Capitalize on good fortune in come from behind win
  2. Colts (12-0)- Eliminate the drama and clinch division
  3. Vikings (10-2)-Come up flat against Cardinals
  4. Chargers (9-3)- 7th straight win keeps them out front in West
  5. Bengals (9-3)- Ride the defense to 3 game division lead
  6. Packers (8-4)-Another impressive win against Ravens
  7. Eagles (8-4)-Thinking division title with easy win, mending players
  8. Cardinals (8-4)-Shut down rampaging Vikings
  9. Broncos (8-4)-Offense gets rolling again, thinking playoffs
  10. Cowboys(8-4)-Outplay Giants, but lose game
  11. Patriots (7-5)-Defense struggling and no magic from Brady
  12. Giants (7-5)-Suddenly get life and knock off Cowboys
  13. Jacksonville (7-5)-Keep on coming, take big win vs Texans
  14. Ravens (6-6)-Packers too much, Flacco too little
  15. Titans (5-7)-Not quite ready for prime time, lose to Colts

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