Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Philadelphia Eagles Top 10 Free Agent Signings—No. 2

Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskins

Part 9 of 10

No. 2 Jon Runyan

Upon becoming the Eagles head coach, Andy Reid quickly identified that he needed to shore up the team's offensive line. With the team's investment in young quarterback Donovan McNabb, the Eagles signed Tennessee Titans' Jon Runyan in 2000 to protect his right side.

Runyan fulfilled that role very well, continuing his streak of never missing a game. Regardless of the physical toll that he took in the trenches, the right tackle suited up and started 192 consecutive games, including 144 over his nine Eagles seasons.

His mental toughness and personality served as a great role model on and off the field. Besides being a tremendously reliable and solid performer each and every week, Runyan was a high character team leader as well.

Although Runyon was elected to only one Pro Bowl team, he was recognized throughout the league as a top-tier performer. He was surely a key contributor to the Eagles success throughout the decade.

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