Monday, March 1, 2010

Philadelphia Eagles Top 10 Individual Offensive Seasons (Gen X Edition)– Part 7

Philadelphia Eagles Top 10 Individual Offensive Seasons (Gen X Edition)- Part 7 of 10

4 Randall Cunningham 1990

Randall Cunningham is one of the greatest athletes to ever put on a uniform for both the Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL. In many ways, he was difficult to assess in conventional terms as a quarterback because he was not a traditional pocket passer until late in his career.

Most Sundays, Cunningham was a Chris Berman highlight waiting to happen, but especially so in 1990. That season he combined his running and passing skills into one of the most uniquely spectacular seasons ever seen in the NFL. In recognition of his accomplishments, Cunningham was presented with both the NFL MVP Trophy and the Bert Bell Player of the Year Award.

Randall registered his highest quarterback rating as an Eagle at 91.6, tossing for 3,466 yards and 30 touchdowns with only 13 interceptions. Additionally, he rolled up 942 yards on the ground with an 8.0 average per carry and 5 rushing TD's. I'm still working to confirm, but rumor has it that he drove the team bus and taped ankles at halftime as well.

Passing: 271-465, 3,466 Yards, 58.3%, 30 TD, 13 INT, 91.6 QB Rating

Rushing: 118-942 yards, 8.0 Avg, 5 TD

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