Friday, January 1, 2010

Things We Wish for 2010

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Philadelphia Eagles

To kick off the new year, I'm Just Saying, Philly has assembled a random collection of things we wish for in 2010. Some are possible, some are probable, some are unlikely and some may be pure fantasy, but its New Year's Day and it never hurts to wish.

  • The Andrews Brothers (its always tough to resist cynical temptation here) find their health and come back to play to their potential for the Eagles.
  • The Sixers let their young players gain valuable experience, they continue to lose and come away with the 1st pick in the draft. Sometimes you have to be really bad before you can be good again.
  • The Eagles seize the opportunity presented to them by winning in Dallas on Sunday to gain a bye and at least one playoff game at the Linc after three on the road last year.
  • The Eagles put aside any hard feelings and dyed in the wool organizational philosophy to reward Sheldon Brown with a contract extension that guarantees more money. If he loses a step down the road, Brown could slide over to free safety.
  • Although it is hard to argue with the three players on the roster ahead of him, lets hope that a couple players decline playing and second alternate Sheldon Brown gets to play in the Pro Bowl. And, let it not be Asante Samuel who is absent.
  • Speaking of the Pro Bowl, two other Eagles players deserved to be selected, so I wish for the path to be cleared for Donovan McNabb and Brent Celek to play in Miami.
  • The Phillies resign Cliff Lee to a four year contract at the end of the 2010 season.
  • Cole Hamels finds both his breaking ball and mojo in spring training.
  • An offseason rest and rehabilitation regimen has Brad Lidge's knee, elbow and psyche feeling healthy and strong.
  • Hamels and Lidge attend a round table discussion with Tom Seaver, Bob Gibson, Dennis Eckersley, Greg Maddux and Dr. Joel Fish on optimizing performance through developing a mental edge.
  • John Smoltz and/or Chan Ho Park fall back into the Phillies' laps within their budget because they want a chance to play for a World Series Champion.
  • Brian Westbrook recovers fully from his concussions to have a couple more productive seasons for the Eagles and good health after football.
  • We experience an NFL offseason devoid of the annual Brett Favre "Will he play, won't he play?" ego centric drama.
  • Andy Roddick takes one more step forward and wins Wimbledon.
  • Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook lead the Eagles to their first Super Bowl Championship.
  • Roy Halladay wins the NL Cy Young, Chase Utley wins the NL MVP and Brad Lidge wins the World Series MVP keying the Phillies to a repeat as World Series Champions.
  • Happy New Year!

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